Where can i buy a steel, or better, pickaxe on runescape?


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According to online forums, there are a number of places within the online game Runescape where players can buy steel and/or a pickaxe. The main locations at which to purchase a pickaxe are Nurmof's pickaxe shop and Tati's Pickaxe-Is-Mine store.

  • Nurmof's pickaxe shop

Players can purchase a pickaxe from Nurmof's pickaxe shop, which is located in the Dwarven mine. Nurmof's pickaxe shop stocks almost every type of pickaxe available on the Runescape game, and usually carries at least 10 of each type of tool at any one time. Here, the cost of pickaxes can range from one gold coin to 32,000 gold coins, depending on the type of pickaxe you choose.

  • Tati's Pickaxe-Is-Mine store

Tati's Pickaxe-Is-Mine store is located in East Keldagrim, and stocks almost every type of pickaxe available on the Runescape game - between Nurmof's pickaxe shop and the Pickaxe-Is-Mine store, every type of pickaxe should be available for players to purchase.

Pickaxes are useful to players on Runescape because they can be used for mining certain ores, such as gold and coal. In addition, pickaxes can be used as a weapon in battle.

  • Fally East Bank

At the Fally East Bank, "raw" steel can be purchased by players of the Runescape game.

  • The center of Varnock

Players of Runescape can buy "raw" steel in the center of Varnock, from a number of vendors.

Steel is useful to players of Runescape because it can be used to create steel bars by the process of smelting, which helps players to gain crafting points. In addition, steel can be used to fashion weapons and tools. Weapons and tools that can be made from steel include the dagger, the pickaxe, the spear, the two-handed sword, the crossbow, the javelin and the knife. Items such as bolts and darts can also be made from steel.
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