My cellphone texts and calls are going to my fiances computer without my knowledge how is this done?


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It would appear that your fiancé has some sort of hacking or data transfer program, which they are using to intercept incoming and outgoing signals to and from your phone, and to transmit them to their computer. Their computer is therefore acting as a cell phone, receiving all of the data that leaves and enters your phone. This could be classed as an invasion of privacy, and you may be able to press charges if you so wish.

  • Downloading intercepting software

One way that you can intercept another person's calls and texts, and send them to another cell phone or computer, is to download intercepting or hacking software. As stated above, this is considered illegal by most governments, as it is a breach of the other person's privacy. In addition, software that allows you to intercept other people's cell phone transmissions is usually very expensive. It is also possible to get conned out of money, by those claiming to offer the software, but who will deliver nothing after they receive your payment.

  • Using a cell phone internet account

If your fiancé has access to details such as your phone number and your network provider, they may be able to hack into your online cell phone account. Many cell phone providers allow their customers to log into an online account, which can show details such as numbers that their phone has interacted with, and the times and dates of when these interactions took place.

Although this feature was designed by cell phone network providers to be useful, and to allow customers to complete actions such as viewing their cell phone bill online, it can be used for malicious purposes. If you think that this may be how your fiancé is gaining the information, you should contact your cell phone network provider right away.

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