Can I record or save mp3 music from Grooveshark to the hard disk?What software can I use to record Grooveshark streaming music?


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Think you can actually record or download and save mp3 music from grooveshark with some kinda sound recorder program.

If  come to think of it even the default sound recorder from your pc should be able to capture and save grooveshark streaming music for you, since this one is able to record everything that's played through your sound card.
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Myeah, I'm also sure it's possible to record or download and save Grooveshark mp3 music to your pc.

Though if I am not mistaking, you can pretty much record and save mp3 music from Grooveshark with a sound recorder program, plenty of them round google if you also want to try this kinda solution.
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Streaming audio recorder or grooveshark downloader is what you guys need to use to record or download and save grooveshark mp3 music for later listening or playback on multimedia devices.

These can do a better job to record, download, save mp3 music from grooveshark than any plain sound recorder software, you should get better quality plus more advanced options to download grooveshark music.
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Yeah, I guess so.
Web downloader can do you a favor. But not all sounds played through sound card is recorded. Only music...
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Neah, I'd also go with some sort of downloader program if I wanted to download and save grooveshark mp3 music to my hard disk.

Sound recorder programs don't seem an efficient way to record or download mp3 music from Grooveshark, at least not that sound recorder that comes preinstalled with your windows.

Way too inefficient plus I am pretty sure the quality of the music you get after you record grooveshark music is in pretty bad shape.
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If you're on a windows pc, you can also use Audials Tunebite to download grooveshark mp3 music, it has proven to be an excellent solution for me to record streaming music from various sources on the internet.

Works very good as a grooveshark downloader and it can capture or record, download and save mp3 music from grooveshark fast and in excellent quality.

Not to mention that this one also does batch recording and can record, cut and name grooveshark mp3 songs, good feature since the saved music does not need any editing afterward.

There is also an useful tutorial on how to download grooveshark mp3 music with Tunebite, you can find out more info from around there.
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Grooveshark?Don't they let you search or listen to music online?

Hmm don't know if it's possible to download or save mp3 music from Grooveshark, I think they only let you stream the music online or use their mobile app on your cell phone.
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You can download mp3 music songs from Grooveshark quite easily if you use a mac.

There's an example of how to capture and download Grooveshark mp3 songs with a grooveshark downloader around here. It's quite useful, if you ask me.

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