How Can I Find Chat Rooms For Dominant Women?


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Ellie Hoe answered
If you are looking for Dominant Women I can tell you one thing for sure that you may not find many genuine Dominant Women on the internet. The one's you'd find virtually are usually professional Dommes that milk you for money. You can however try interacting with online communities like Yahoo groups, join a group, get to know people on an intimate level. Perhaps, you will have some luck there. However, one fun place for you to try would be on network on MIRC. You can even log in to their website via the official AHW website. You may also try the bondage network on MIRC. Simply type /s in the status window. When it connects typr /list to get a list of all the channels on the network. I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to match your interests there.
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Karl Sagan answered

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