Where Do I Find Emo And Gothic Chat Rooms?


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Due to the reclusive nature of both Goths and Emos, many of them prefer to spend time indoors, on the internet, rather than face the glaring brightness of the sun. This is good news if you're looking for a good chat room to meet other Emos or Goths as there should be plenty of people to meet and chat with on-line!

Many of these chat rooms are fairly simply to get access to, and are often completely free. So to find out a few of my favourites, read on:

Alternative Chat

Many chat rooms that you may find useful aren't actually dedicated to a particular musical movement (i.e. Goth, Emo, Punk) but rather, embrace the alternative community as a whole.

Vampire Freaks is probably one of the best known portals for all sorts of alternative-related activity. Browsing the site you will come across everything from band profile pages, cults (similar to facebook groups), and user journals, through to a dedicated events page, Goth and Emo merchandise and of course a chatroom! To get initiated by the Vampire Freaks chat community, simply follow this link.

Emo Chat rooms

The amount of on-line activity in Emo scene is quite staggering, but some fairly popular chat rooms include Emofwendz, Emo Puddle and You're SO last year and are great places to swap poetry, discuss the latest My Chemical Romance album or pick up tips on Emo hairstyles like the infamous 'side-swept bangs'.

Gothic Chat rooms

The internet is also awash with Goth resources - perhaps because a large number Goths end up working in IT! Whatever the reason, there are a number of different chatrooms you may want to get involved in. If you actually intend to meet any of the people you meet on-line, for example on group meets or at Goth conventions you may want to try and find a Goth chat room that caters for your particular geographic location. For users in the UK, an example would be the NetGoth portal, which houses an active community of British Goths.

As an alternative, sites like Haunting Echoes transcend the average Goth chat facility and also cater for the 'vampire role playing' type too.

It's important to remember that, as with chat rooms associated with any scene, it's always wise to be prudent about what information you reveal about yourself, and that meeting people in real life should only ever be done in a safe public place, and preferably as part of a group, at least initially.

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I'm sam and I'm a 14 year old gothic girl and a little emo and this is a good chatroom thats cool if you just want to talk to other ppl who r emo goth or scene
no signup just click on the link put in a name and log in
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I got to really you don't have to be a girl to go on.
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Umm ourworld is mostly for ages 13 and up I really don't think they have one o.o I mean vampirefreak is for 16 and up and yeah I don't think there is

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