What Is The Best Way To Get A List Of Encyclopedias Available On The Web?


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There are number of ways to approach finding out a list of Encyclopaedias that are available on the internet. Unfortunately none of these methods could be deemed the ‘best’ but they are all effective and should hopefully provide a full and accurate list. The main ways are via a reliable search engine, a reliable online book retailer or an academic resource (such as library, an article, a university or college database).

There are many search engines to choose from, the main ones being Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN or Microsoft however Google is the most widely used. Various searches such as ‘List of Encyclopedias’ would help the searcher quickly narrow their search and most of the larger search engines would yield similar, if not identical, answers. Through doing this the searcher can hope to find a database of some sort.

Reliable online book retailers (such as Amazon) would also help the searcher to find a list of paper copy encyclopaedias available from their store and from independent retailers, as well as locating digital copies.

An excellent choice would be to search academic resources, that catalogue books, journals, articles as well as a plethora of other academic material. Most major universities have such resources and these can generally be found by looking on the relevant institution’s website. However, there are larger resources that are open to the public (such as JStor), that have a vast range of academic resources and their digital and physical locations.

As mentioned above there is no hard and fast way to locate a list of every Encyclopedia, digital or hard-copy, but some of the explanations mentioned above can yield extremely comprehensive and helpful results. The most advisable way to proceed is by beginning with a search engine and narrowing down and matching what you find to academic resources.
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Which of the following would be the best way to get a list of encyclopedias that are available on the Web

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