Please How Can I Make Free Calls From Usa Pc To Morocco Cellphone ?


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If you find the answer to this question, please let me know. We might have hit the lottery or jackpot!! I've searched for it all over the net and nobody has the answer of it yet, not even the so common faking free VOIP's do allow calling to any Morocco Cellphones.  Evaphone doesn't support such call either.  VOIP's a service that every ISP's customers do pay for it already, so why the hell ppl want to make a living over the common charges that we (the users) already pay in the monthly bills? Creating sites with the "free country callings" adding freaking softwares, what for? To make an additional and extra living from the presupposed service paid for once already! However, once more, if you can find the answer to this one million dollars question, let's us, your big audience reader whose craving for it, know about it! Pray, Hope and Luck!
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there's no way to do that in Morocco in 2016 since the voip in morocco is banned this year. So, the only way to do it is by using a VPN service which will be not legit

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I don't use credit cards... So how I can do it free or get billed by mail?

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