How Does One Make A Call To Norway From USA?


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Well there are quite a few different ways through which you can call up Norway from USA. You can call from fixed lines, cell phones or with the help of calling cards.

When making a call to Norway it is necessary to known the international dialling code for Norway which is +47, hence when making a call to Norway dial 011+47+the phone number that you want to call. People usually make use of telephone cards when calling international calls because they offer cheaper rates. Another well known type of calling card entails a card which has a particular PIN printed at the back which allows a person to charge calls to a fixed-line telephone account. The primary civic pre-paid remote memory phone card was launched in America, by Phone Line in the year 1980.
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Hi, I live in Norway and I can call my friend in America., but he can't call me. Why, and how can we fix it??
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Calling cards are better options to call abroad as those are cheaper and provide better sound quality too but it depend on calling card company too.
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Yes, I am agree with Aadi, Calling card is best option to call any where in the world from USA. I am suggesting you Amantel calling card in USA. It is best calling card provider at very lowest price.

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