I Found My Husband Had A Female Id In His Yahoo Messenger. She Works Adjacent To His Office. He Said He Had No Affair. I Told What Is The Use Of Chatting If You Can Talk On Phone With Her. And I Asked Why He Did Not Tell Me Before. Should I Trust Him?


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Sweetie, First of all, what does your gut feeling tell you? Already you are asking for advice from this site. It is my opinion that God gives us these "gut-feelings" as a natural way of protecting ourselves. This by NO means is an accusation. I just know that in my 50 yrs. Of living in this world, many times I had a "sense" or "gut-feeling" about something and many times I ignored it. Unfortunately a very high percentage of times that I chose to ignore these warnings, I was terribly wrong and suffered the consequences. Then again, he could be completely honest with you.This is where faith in your marriage and in your husband is in play. My best advice? Trust your gut feeling and confront him. If he loves you, he will come clean or their relationship is completely innocent.
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I wouldn't trust him. If he works closely with her, then there could be something soon. You need to stop him before it gets started, if it hasn't already. You need to tell him to stop or you are going to leave him.
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He is otherwise a good father and a nice caring person.but i feel let down.thank you for your suggestion
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Yes he is right
just for fun he is having female id thats end
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Keep your eyes open. This sounds suspicious to me, but there's no evidence yet!

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