What are the codes for my brightstar br100z remote?


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If you don't already know the code for your Brightstar remote control, then you should be able to find it out by getting in touch with the manufacturer. There is also a possibility that the code will also be written down in your remote's instruction manual, however, you should contact the manufacturer first.

  • How to find your code
Directly contacting the manufacturer of your remote control will be the best way to find out the code. However, the following link may prove to be extremely useful in finding out your code. Click on this link: and hold Ctrl and + to zoom in. Find the brand of your remote and read across the column to find out the 4 digit code.

Although the PDF file in the link above is not specifically related to Brighstar remote controls, the codes should be the same.

  • Programming your remote
Once you know the code, then you will need to program your Brightstar remote if this is the first time that you are using it. Below are some instructions on how to do this.

The first step is to actually turn on your television or the device that you are going to program your remote control to. Hold down the TV button or the correct button on any other remote. Whilst holding down this button, press the OK button and then release it. If you have done it correctly then the mode keys will flash twice.

You will then need to enter your four-digit code. Once you enter the code correctly the TV mode button will flash twice to show that you were successful. Check that everything is right by turning off your TV using the remote. If it does not work then you have entered the wrong code and will have to start again.

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