What are the codes for telstar universal remote?


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With every TV, DVD player, and VHS player having their own remote control, things can get incredibly confusing when trying to do a simple thing such as change a channel on the TV, or even turn up the volume. The stack of remotes slips and slides, and half the time the remote controls can only be found by taking apart the furniture.

  • A Blessing
This is why the many universal remote controls are such a blessing. Gone are the times of trying to work out which control works what gadget. Once all the codes for the various gadgets have been entered, the universal control will sync them all.

  • But Wait
This, however, is where the trouble starts. Every gadget has its own, individual code. This is all very well, but how on earth is one supposed to know all these codes? Finding them can be a real pain in the neck, and frequently results in a person discarding the universal remote control and going back to the trusty system of juggling the numerous old controls.

  • Help is at Hand
Fortunately, there are some people who have actually realized this problem and have compiled lists of codes for various gadgets. All it takes now is for someone to let people know that these lists exist. One such list has been compiled by kbase. This list is quite comprehensive, including a whole host of possible and impossible gadgets.

  • Telstar Code
Having visited the said list, it appears that the Telstar code is missing. After a lot of digging, however, something finally turned up. Two possibilities, in fact. One possible code for Telstar appears to be 1044. This seems to be the most promising possibility, as responses to the suggestion of the code were positive. Another possibility is 1223, but no confirmations there.

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