What Are The Codes For A Philips SRU2103WM/17 Universal Remote?


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According to the Philips official website, there is no such record of a universal remote control bearing the model number SRU2103WM/17. There are a number of model numbers that closely resemble this number however:

  • SRU2103/27
  • SRU2103S/27
  • SRU3003WM/17
This could either mean that there never has been a model of that specific type and that the question refers to another model such as those listed above, or alternatively that the product may be obsolete, and no longer supported by Philips.
Should the question refer to the aforementioned models then the information you need could be found on the Philips official website at simply

  • Choose the relevant country and language
  • Scroll through the list of model types until the correct number is identified
  • Select the type of device that the universal remote will be used to operate
  • Find the brand of the device
  • View the codes applicable to that device
If there are any problems encountered in locating the model or code then using the following method has been known to work:

  • Manually switch on the appliance that is to be synchronized with the remote control
  • Push and hold the 'set up' button - a red indicator light will come on
  • Select the mode (TV, VCR, etc) required - press, then rapidly release the mode button, which should cause the indicator to blink off once.
  • Press 'channel up' button up to 300 times until the device changes channel, using 'channel down' if the button is over-pressed
  • In order to install, push and release 'mute' on the remote control handset.
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Take note of the component brands you are using (Sony, Toshiba, etc.) Contact your cable provider or look at the instruction booklet for your cable box for the codes to program into the remote.

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