How To Reset Kyocera Domino?


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Resetting a Kyocera Domino phone will take around an hour, so make sure you don't need the phone for a while. Remember to jot down your phone number, passwords, activation codes and other important details before you perform the reset.

  • Charge your the phone's battery to its maximum. Turn off the Domino, then remove the battery. Wait for 30 seconds then replace the battery and turn on the phone. 
  • Access the settings menu. Select 'privacy,' then 'factory data restore.'
  • When asked, confirm that you do wish to delete all personal data. If asked whether you want to delete the SD card, select 'yes.'
  • The Domino will then begin to reset, and this could take 30-60 minutes, depending on how full the memory was to begin with. Once it's done, you can input all your personal details and settings.
  • If you've lost the manual to your Kyocera Domino, you can download another copy from Or It is strongly recommended that you consult the phone's user manual before performing a reset on your Domino.

YouTube is a good place to pick up tips or help with an sort of appliance. Check out this user's review of the Kyocera Domino, for example:

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