How To Open Gprs In [email protected] Sim?


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This is a difficult thing to do on your own, since your card may not even support the service. To find out exactly what's up, contact your SIM card provider and ask them for technical assistance. There is some random advice about doing this on your own out there on the Internet, but results using this advice have been quite poor. In this case, the smartest strategy is just to ask for help from the company who sold you the [email protected] SIM. Search the Web for their official website, and hit them up via their Contact Us page - big companies have full-time staff standing by to answer questions just like yours, so take advantage of this and get in touch.

  • Call the support line

You could also phone the company's support line - all of this contact information should have been included when you purchased your SIM card. Check any packaging or paperwork that came with the card to see if there are instructions on opening GPRS - if there aren't... Just call customer service and find out. In many cases, the Internet is indeed the perfect place to find out these little processes; however, these processes take many, many steps, and there just aren't clear instructions listed at websites.

  • Ask a friend for help

However, if you know someone who is really great at fixing cell phones and programming SIM cards, you may be able to get this done on your own. As well, consider dropping by the location that sold you your SIM card, and asking them if they can help you to open GPRS in your [email protected] SIM card.

Learning how to program and reconfigure a SIM card can be difficult for novices, and instructions you see on the Web may leave you feeling confused, thwarted, and super frustrated. Cut to the chase and contact the people who made your SIM card - after all, they are the professionals who will understand every aspect of the card and how it can be used to provide superior cell phone service.

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