Can You Cancel A Poke Request On FaceBook?


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If by this you mean that you wish to cancel a poke that you have just sent out to somebody else, then unfortunately the simple answer is that you cannot.

However, if you mean to remove a poke from your news feed that someone else has sent you, without poking them back, then this can be easily done; all you have to is hover over where it says they have poked you, and a small, blue cross will appear - just click on this to remove it completely. Please note that doing this will not prevent them from poking you again, and that the only way to do have this effect would be to block them.

  • A brief history of Facebook

First introduce in February 2004, Facebook has fast become the most popular way for people to stay in touch. With the ability to post statuses and upload photos, the users, who must register before they can use it, have fast become addicts to the social networking site.

A free to use site, Facebook makes its money by selling advertisement space to other companies. These adverts are not intrusive upon the users experience, keeping the site popular amongst many.

  • How to join Facebook

Joining Facebook is extremely is easy to do; by providing a few details about yourself such as your full name, which enables friends and relatives to find you, an active email address, which serves as a log in name, and the password that you desire. Do make sure that the one you choose is not easily guessed, as this could allow for a prank or two!

Once this process is done, all that is left to do is to add a photograph of yourself, known as a profile picture, to assist old friends in finding you.
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Poke usually means to slightly tap a finger into someone. It is usually regarded as a way to just receive attention. In terms of cuisine it refers to as a fish salad that is usually served as starter or an appetiser in Hawaiian cuisine. In Hawaiian it means to "section" or "to slice or cut". This dish comprises of one inch cubes of raw fish with limu seaweed, crushed kukui nut, and sea salt.

Some of the other ingredients included are medium-rare cooked fish, chopped negi (a type of green onion), ogo seaweed, shoyu (soy sauce), tofu, onion, tomato, red pepper powder, or tobiko (flying fish roe), reflecting influences from Japanese and other cuisines. It is also very analogous to ceviche, carpaccio, and tartare.
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The term 'poke' describes a number of things and primarily you can use the word for a herb that is known to have its perennial presence in America and has small flowers the colour of which is white. The flowers are followed by black and red berries and have long drooping racemes. The stems of the plant are fleshy and edible but its berries and roots are considered to have poisonous effect.

You can also use the term in the figurative sense and can use it for the phenomenon in which somebody is nudging you with his fingers. It can also describe the phenomenon in which a person is irritating somebody by asking about a particular thing every time or instigating somebody to go for something which is considered to be bad.
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The word 'poke' hv many meanings, it can means pokemon for short, it can means actions tat to harm someone and more.

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