A Technician Is Asked To Set Up One Hard Drive That Will Support Two Operating Systems And Will Store Data Files In Three Separate Drive Locations. Which Partition Settings Will Support These Requirements?


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The answer to this is 2 primary, 1 active, 1 extended, 3 logical

What is a partition

When new, drives are basically just one mass of storage space but in order to set up a filing system and save these files to a drive, it needs a partition.

Sometimes a single partition is all that needs to be created on a drive, or in other cases there may be twenty or more, however at least one partition is a necessity.

It is not possible to write files to a blank disk, there needs to be a container for a file system, which is called a partition

Once the partition is created it is formatted with a file system and when files are written on the computer, they can be directed to that partition.
If, for instance, you are using a USB flash drive and decided to create multiple partitions on it, these would each show up as different drives when plugged into the computer.

A good use for partitions is for personal files on a pc. If it is necessary to re-install windows, you can do so and your personal files, stored on a separate partition, will still be safe.

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