How To Get A Weavile In Soul Silver?


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You cannot catch a Weavile in Pokemon Soul Silver, however you can obtain it by other means.

How to get Weavile in Pokemon Soul Silver?
Here is how you can obtain a Weavile in Pokemon Soul Silver:
  1. You can catch and then evolve Sneasel (the un-evolved version of Weavile) which can be found in two places on the map: Either on Route 28 - but only at night - or within the confines of Mt Silver.
  2. Evolving Sneasel to get a Weavile isn't straightforward either. To evolve Sneasel, you have to give it a Razor Claw to hold, then level the Pokemon up at night.
Weavile is the 461st Pokemon of the series and it's both a dark and ice type Pokemon. It is not present on any of the games before generation IV.

You can obtain the Pokemon in the games Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver. This Pokemon is also found in the generation V games, Pokemon Black and White.
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- Get a Razor Claw and give it to Sneasel.
- Level Sneasel by one level between 8pm and 3:59 am

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