Can I Lay An Acer Aspire AX3810 Desktop PC Flat On Its Side?


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Rosie Normanton answered
There should be no problem laying the processor drive on its side, so long as dust is kept out and the fans in the processor are not knocked about. Reviews of the machine have praised the pace of data transfer and huge hard drive space it offers and the processing unit itself is smaller than standard PC towers and medium enterprises that fit under your desk, making it ideal for limited workspaces. However, these sorts of computers tend to be low power (especially when running games). In general, the cases also have mini expansion slots and drive bays, and you will need to extend the system’s power via USB, FireWire or peripherals, so make sure your external hard drive has a large number (and variety) of ports. Newer Acer Aspire models are the M3 and the X3, and lists all types of Acer products including TVs, netbooks and tablet PCs. Of particular note are the all-in-one machines, letting you multitask in high definition at the touch of a finger on the screen. You can upgrade memory and processors, and find other desktop models on the Acer product line which include Revo, Veriton and AcerPower, which can also be convenient home or business computers.

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