What Is The Difference Between Binary Search And Sequential Search?


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Hi friend,
binary search  search a value by a mid-value.where as  in seq search ,it search values one by one.
Example:seq search
1,6,8,4;suppose that I have to search a value 8,
then it start searching from 1,then next and stop where it get value.

1,6,9,4,5,7; suppose my search value is 4.it will star searching as
mid=(total no .element)/2
means search position is 3,it will check value at position 3 with the searched value if it is greater then it will move to just right of it other wise left.
So here it will move to right .and right of 9 is 4 which is our searched value.so after that it stop search.
Hope you understand.plz reply if you didn't get.I will give you another example.
Bye dear.

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