Where Do I Get The Gs Ball On Soul Silver?


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There is continuing debate on whether it is actually possible to get a GS ball on the Pokemon game Soul Silver. The consensus of opinion seemingly being that unless the ball is allocated to a player at a specifically sanctioned and organized Nintendo gaming event, then actually unlocking a ball as part of the game play is impossible.

  • Conflicting internet sources
There are sources on the internet that claim that if a player performs a certain number of tasks in a certain order, using various types of Pokemon and items found in the game, that they can unlock the ball. However, these long and often complex series of instructions do not seem to work universally and are often dismissed by other Pokemon players as being inaccurate, and not likely to produce the desired results.

It seems therefore that the only way to get a GS ball on the Pokemon Soul Silver game is to have attended one of the specially organized Nintendo events.

  • What are the Nintendo events where a GS ball is allocated?
These events are organized by the company and have now spread from being events organized solely in Japan, to being held across the globe, in Europe, the US and beyond.

At these events, those players who attend are given a series of additional items that are not otherwise available in their games, this includes items like the GS ball.

  • What does the GS ball unlock?
In the Soul Silver version of the game, if you have attended a Nintendo event and received a DS ball, this unlocks the character Celebi. Although Celebi is only able to be caught from the wild using a Pokemon Crystal with an event activated by the GS Ball.

  • Who is Celebi?
Celebi is the guardian of the Ilex Forest and is the last Pokemon in the Johto Pokedex. They are an extremely powerful Pokemon, hence their general rarity within the game and their popularity amongst Pokemon fans.
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You have to get it through an event.  So far, none have been in America, only Japan.
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Thru pkmn event
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