How Many Letter Tiles Are Available In 'Words With Friends'?


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The number of letters that are available in the online word game 'Words with Friends' is:
  • A = 9
  • B = 2
  • C = 2
  • D = 5
  • E = 13
  • F = 2
  • G = 3
  • H = 4
  • I = 8
  • J = 1
  • K = 1
  • L = 4
  • M = 2
  • N = 5
  • O = 8
  • P = 2
  • Q = 1
  • R = 6
  • S = 5
  • T = 7
  • U = 4
  • V = 2
  • W = 2
  • X = 1
  • Y = 2
  • Z = 1
  • * = 2
Words With Friends therefore consists of 104 tiles all in all.

This online scrabble game has millions of Facebook and cell-phone users. It's based upon the traditional scrabble game that is played by forming words from individual letter tiles in either a vertical or horizontal manner.

Each tile comes with a corresponding score which is related to the difficulty in using that letter to form a word. Less frequently used letters such as 'Q' carry more points. The objective of the game is to come up with a word with the highest score. Only words that can be found in a Standard English dictionary may be used.

Words with Friends has more than 173,000 permitted words listed in the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE). ENABLE is popularly used as a reference for many of the other word games online.

The rules of the game are similar to Scrabble itself. The game ends when every tile is used, and there are no tiles remaining. The game could also end if in three successive turns, no score was drawn for each player.
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You have to remember the blank tiles can be converted, so you can possibly have one more of any of the letters listed.
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I'm playing Words with friends right now, and there are 6 's' tiles.
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Jess Sue
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There are only 8 A's but there are 9 of the letter I.
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I am currently looking at qty 8 letter T's on WWF board how many are there really - not 7 anyone have the real count of letters
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It says 5 Ds, but I'm looking at a board with 6 played and still 15 letters left.  This is wrong.
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Don't forget that there are two Blank tiles that can be used in place of any letter you need. The way to check the number of letters on the board is to see if any of them have no score value. When a blank tile is played, there is no value number on it whereas every other tile has a value.

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When you know how many tiles there are and use scrabble word cheater, you can be undefeatable at the game. And even though I think that cheating isn't a good thing, I do that from time to time just for fun. And have you guys ever cheated playing such games?

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I am playing a game now and there are six 's' tiles on the board - how come all sources say there are 5 's' tiles?
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There are only 8 'a' tiles, but there are 9 of the letter 'I'.
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Jess Sue
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A=8 d=5 g=3 j=1 m=2 p=2 s=5 v=2 y=2
b=2 e=13 h=4 k=1 n=5 q=1 t=7 w=2 z=1
c=2 f=2 i=9 l=4 o=8 r=6 u=4 x=1 blank=2
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I am currently looking at qty 8 letter T's on WWF board how many are there really
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There are 9-O's. I know because I am playing right now and there are 8 on the board and 1 left in my letters...

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