Where Do You Get A Magnet Train Pass On Soul Silver?


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The first step is to talk to the "Copycat" girl who lives in a purplish-red house just south of the train station in Saffron City. She says she's missing her clefairy doll. After talking to her the guy who has it is in the pokemon fan club in vermilion city. Bring it back to her and she should give you a magnet train pass.

I did all this after fixing the power plant problem
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Go to Saffron City and talk to Copycat, a girl, in a house. Then go to Vermillion City and go to the Pokemon Fan Club. Then talk to the guy next to the Pokemon doll. He'll give it to you and then go back to Saffron City. Talk to Copycat again and she'll give the Magnet Train Pass to you.

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