How Do I Get Rid Of The White Spots On My Big Screen That Are Internal And Continue To Multiply?


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Internal white spots on an LCD display unfortunately point towards a dead pixel.

A dead pixel is an area on your screen that is no longer able to get a signal from the television itself. It will therefore be visible to the viewer as a white speck or possibly a small colored square, that detracts from the rest of the image you are attempting to view.

A dead pixel, sometimes called a stuck pixel, is caused due to a malfunction in your transistor or an uneven distribution of the liquid found in your LCD.

There are a number of ways to get ride of a dead pixel.

  • Firstly take your TV back, or at least speak to the shop from which you bought the television. If it is still under warranty there is a good possibility they will either swap or repair the item.
Secondly you could also attempt the following steps.

  • Turn off your television.
  • Get a damp cloth, to help reduce any chance of scratching the screen.
  • Apply pressure to where the dead pixel is located. However be careful not to put pressure elsewhere on the screen, as this may inadvertently create more dead pixels.
  • While the pressure is applied switch on your television screen.
  • Remove the pressure and the dead pixel should hopefully be gone.
  • The technique works by spreading the liquid in your LCD to a pixel that did not contain any. The liquid itself is used in conjunction with the back-light to produce different colors.
Please remember this only a tip, and may not work in all cases. If the problem persists it is always recommended you take the television back to the store in which it was purchased, or alternatively a qualified repairer.

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