What Is The Code For Rocky On Moshi Monsters?


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The online game Moshi Monsters is a social networking game and a virtual pet game that is aimed at children who are of the ages 6 to 12. Each player in the game adopts and is expected to care for a pet monster of their very own. Players are expected to solve a series of puzzles and when successfully solved, rewards called rox are given out. These in turn can be used as currency to buy items for their adopted monster such as food and clothing as well as home decor items. Since the game was developed by a British company in 2007, it has attracted over 10 million players world-wide. If you want to know the code for Rocky on the game, you simply need to be a member of the site and to give up one pink daisy.

This site has steadily been gaining in popularity and as such has attracted the attention of venture capitalists who have invested money to help the company and the game grow even more. Revenues of the online game have now grown to over several hundred thousand British pounds per month. Moshi Monsters is often referred to as the Facebook of kiddie web sites which has led to concern on the part of some parents and child care professionals.

Many professionals and parents are expressing concern over the amount of time that their children spend online playing this and other games on the web. While this and other computer games can be great teaching tools, they can also be addicting and can cause harm if the right parental controls are not exercised. Use your common sense and limit your childrens' online time to avoid your children developing an unhealthy and harmful addiction that can hurt them in the present and in the future.
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Mini Ben- Purple pepper, red magic and blue love
Liberty- Red love, blue love, black love/black love, black love and red love
Cleo- Blue daisy, pink daisy and yellow apple
Rocky=Red pepper, black apple and purple apple

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Liberty-purple love blue, star, red pepper
Mini Ben-purple pepper, red magic, blue love
Cleo-purple magic, red magic, yellow magic
Rocky-red pepper, black and purple apple

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