How I Go Back To Classic View Home Page?


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If you are referring to Google, you simply click on the Classic Home link on the top right of your page.
So log on to and you will see your iGoogle page.
The link you need is then in the top-right of the screen.
It is alongside the buttons for Search Settings, Help and Sign In.
Hit the button and the next time you visit it will revert to the classic view page.

Classic view gives you a cleaner image to start your searches but it is worth persevering with iGoogle as it can save you time if you log on to the same sites every day.
Its features include the capability to add web feeds and Google Gadgets.
So if you go on to Twitter every day, you could add a gadget to iGoogle that feeds the Tweets straight to your screen.
Then, with iGoogle as your homepage, every time you open Internet Explorer, you are automatically logged on to Twitter and can see what the world is tweeing about.

More than 20 per cent of Google users now favour iGoogle so it has got to be worth pursuing for a while.
If you can’t live with the untidiness of it though, follow the steps above.

If you are referring to Myspace, click on ‘Page Themes’ on top of your home page, then you can click on top of the page to ‘Back to classical view’.

Perhaps you are talking about Yahoo.
In which case  to return to the original homepage and keep it, clear the browser cache of cookies and temp files, then restart the computer,
Then log on to go to the bottom of the new page and under About Yahoo, click ‘Return to the classic homepage’.

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