Does LOL Mean Lots Of Love Or Laugh Out Loud? See The Information Below.


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Dear, it means to Laugh Out Loud, and roff, means rolling on F***ng floor, which I coined, but that isn't the most common term, the most common is rofl, which means rolling on floor laughing. Hope this helps. Nas loves roff by the way. Lol
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Chris ???? answered
LOL does indeed mean laugh out loud. It's used to express laughter and/or sarcasm.
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The most common use is laugh out loud,but i guess it could be either.but i use it as laugh out face.
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terry rossignol answered
Laugh out loud!!! But some can say lots of love!!!
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I would think "lots of love" should be " <3 <3 <3 " (little hearts on their sides)
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Laugh out loud is my understanding. I've heard lots of laughs too. These kids today and their own language. Oh my god,lol
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Isn't that the truth my daughter will text me using all types of abbreviations and I don't know what she's talking about half the time I guess we need to go back to school to learn texting and abbreviated language.
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probably going to be a course offered in school at some point.haha.oops....i mean lol
John commented
isn't that from a moon zappa song valley girls?omg/gag me with a spoon
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It might not hurt to let them know what happened.  You are the only one who knows how they may have taken it.
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*laugh out loud*
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I used to think it was lots of love, too, it's sorta makes me LOL though, that you used it in a prayer thread. Explain yourself, it'll be fine!

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