What Do "Lol", "Btw", Stand For In Text Messaging ?


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The abbreviations that you mention in your question are sometimes colloquially referred to as 'text speak' or 'text language'. They are used during text messaging or other forms of instant communication as a way of shortening long phrases.

'LOL' can have two meanings. The first and most commonly used one is 'laughing out loud' and is usually used when the recipient has mentioned something funny. The other meaning, which is less common, is 'lots of love'. This version is commonly used at the end of a conversation when the two people are saying their goodbyes. The abbreviation 'BTW' stands for 'by the way'.

There are dozens of other abbreviations that have emerged due to the development of text language. They are usually used as a way of keeping text messages short, preventing one from using two text messages instead of one, which will cost them more.
Text language usually involves using single letters instead of whole words - for example, U for you, and can sometimes incorporate the use of symbols to shorten phrases - for example, I <3 U (using the letter three and a left facing arrow) to form 'I love you'.
Some people claim there has been a reduction in people using text messaging because of the advancement of smart phones with a full QWERTY keyboard, the fact that more people own these phones and because contracts with unlimited text messaging make balance watching obsolete.
Below are some further examples of some common text abbreviations and what they mean.
· 'BRB' - be right back.
· 'AFK' - away from keyboard.
· 'ASAP' - as soon as possible (although this abbreviation was around before text messaging.)
· 'G2G' or 'GTG' - got to go.
· 'FYI' - for your information.
· 'IDK' - I don't know.
· 'IDC' - I don't care.
· 'LMAO' - laughing my ass off.
· 'ROFL' - rolling on (the) floor laughing.
· 'TTYL' - talk to you later.
· 'WTH' - what the hell.
For a longer list of text messaging abbreviations, visit this website through the following link: www.webopedia.com/quick_ref/textmessageabbreviations.asp
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Btw means bye the way
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Lol is laugh out loud. Usually used for when something is funny
Btw is by the way. Used for when you want to conclude something
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lol means laughing out loud ad btw means by the way.

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