How Can I Reinstall My Acer ERecovery Management Software Again?


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To reinstall Acer ERecovery Management Software you will need to ensure it is still on your hard drive. If you have completely formatted the drive you may have removed the partition that allows you to reinstall the software. If this is the case you will have to download the partition. This is common with this model of ERecovery and if you find yourself in this situation visit
To restore your computer back to factory settings using ERecovery it is first advised to backup your hard drive, this can be done to an external hard drive, a cloud drive or to a DVD. This will ensure you have what you need when you need to reset your computer. Then you will need to go to choose factory settings. This will allow the computer to revert to the start of its use and will wipe everything from the hard drive.

It is known for some Acers to remove the aforementioned partitions and you can then go to the link provided. If you are not able to follow these instructions it is advisable to contact Acer. They will send you out discs to factory reset your device. You will need to factory restore from these discs which include the Acer ERecovery Management Software.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to back up your discs on all occasions and even to set up an automatic back up using the Windows Backup option. This will ensure that should you suffer any problems your computer and all that is on it including Acer ERecovery Management Software is safe and sound. You should back up to a hard drive but as these are not always reliable a disc or a cloud back up is also recommended.

This is an unfortunate problem with Acers and one that you can rectify using either of the above.
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If you fully formatted the hard drive then most probably you have cleaned the PQservice division which might had recovery data; you can check this with the help of Computer Management console in Windows. It is in Windowssystem32compmgmt.msc. Also check the Disk Management and see what partitions you still have. Acer eRecovery Management won’t work if there is no default partition i.e. There should be E or D partition in order to run it.

Try Here you might find your required software or else you have to ask the supplier to fix this problem for you.

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