How To Watch Movies From Usb Stick On Digital TV?


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You can watch movies from a USB on TV if you have the right devices to do this. If you have a digital TV, it is more than likely to have a USB port in the back of it to insert your USB stick. If you do not have one of these, you can always see if you have a USB port on your DVD player or satellite box which you will be able to plug it into. This should work in the exact same way.

One thing that you will need to check is what file type your movie needs to be for you to play it on your digital TV. This will depend on the make and model of your TV and you should either check online by going to the website of the TV manufacture or to look in your instruction manual so that you can see what kind of movie file these need to be. You can then make sure that any movies you have on your USB device are converted to the correct file type before you try to play them on you digital TV. 

You will need a USB stick with quite a bit on memory to have films saved on to it.

To get the movies to play on your TV you should follow these steps;

  • Insert the USB stick into the TV or other USB port.
  • Wait for a prompt to open the device to come up on your digital TV screen.
  • Once this comes up, click 'ok' or 'continue' what the prompt is will depend on the make and model of digital TV that you have.
  • The USB folder will then expand and open up on your screen. You will need to click on the movie file that you wish to watch.
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You need to make sure your tv has a usb slot. Convert the movie into an AVI file. Plug it in, press play.  Visit the site below, its a free converter tool.
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You can watch movies from a USB on TV if you have the right devices to do this.

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I like to watch movies in the best quality. Therefore, I decided to buy an IPTV box . The use of these types of set-top boxes significantly improves the quality of the signal and the final image, regardless of the brand, model and year of manufacture of the TV itself. It is worth noting that even when using a set-top box with TVs that were released 10 or more years ago, there is a significant improvement in the quality of the broadcast.

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