Who Are The Stakeholders In This Case? Tri-State Telephone


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The stakeholders in Tri-State telephone are made up of a number of different groups of people. Some of the stakeholders are:

• The customers
Customers will be one of the most important groups of stakeholders in the business as they have the final say as to whether or not products are successful.

• The employees of the company
The employees of the company allow the business to trade, as they are the ones who put the work in to promote and sell new products. They also manufacture and distribute the products that the company sells.

• The Consumer Federation of America
This organization provides information to consumers of all products, and has a major say as to whether a company is successful or not.

Tri-State Telephone is a telecommunications company that provided the telecommunications of the residents of three US States.

The company decided to bring in an extra charge to its long-distance calls for customers, and the customers at a public hearing fought against this. The protesters didn't simply just turn up to protest, they brought evidence with them that the company was acting unfairly. The company had sales in excess of $3 billion, and it was the price increase to the company, of long distance calls, that was to cause the problems.

The upshot of the case was that the people who were protesting the most, the customers, were due to save up to 20% on the cost of their calls. This didn't deter them protesting against the new tariffs that were to be introduced, and the chief executive of the company, John Godwin, backed down to appease the customers. This proves that the customers are the most important people when it comes to business success.

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