Bin Weevils What Is The Old Bin Weevils Game Link?


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The link to the old bin weevils is located in bottom row of the links bar, the last link on the right. It is labeled as SWF's. Clicking on this link will take the player to a page where he or she can choose from either 'Locations' or 'Old Bin 2007-2009'.

  • Map
Clicking on Map, on the bottom left of the screen will show a map of what the old bin was like. From here it is possible to visit all the old places, Rigg's Palladium, Rum's Cove, Dirt Valley, the shopping mall, Gong's Pipenest, Flem Manor and the party box, and have a look around each one of them.

  • No Games
Unfortunately, it literally is just a walk-around. It is not possible to actually play here, it is just meant to be a reminder how things used to look.

  • Lots of Fun to be Had
Although this may be a shame in one respect, there is no need to fret. There are plenty of games to play, both old and new, there are quizzes and then there is the SWS, the Secret Weevil Service. It all looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

  • The Old BinWeevils Link
The old Bin Weevils link no longer works. It has obviously been taken off line so as to not confuse people altogether by taking people to a page where play is no longer possible.

  • Here to Stay
So, the new Bin Weevils are definitely here to stay. We are sure once players get used to the changes, they will be as happy as weevils to play here and the old place will soon be forgotten. Sadly, or maybe luckily, things do change over time. Change is an inevitable part of life, might as well accept it.
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The link really is it really works but don't tell any of your Friends because if 100 or more ppl know it we will all get banned its super cool
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No one can get that not even bandit for crying out loud
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The link is on utube somewere and I used it. But I can't remember what it is!

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