Binweevils cheats how to become a tycoon with out paying real money?


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There are several cheats that you can try to see if you can get ahead in the game of Binweevils. Presumably you are trying to get more 'mulch' in the game, which is the currency of the game that you will use to buy new things. There are several mini games that you can play to earn more mulch. Below is a list of cheats that you can try in the mini games to get more mulch.

  • MoonWalking cheat.

This particular cheat can only be used inside Club Flying. The first thing for you to do is to enter Club Flying and then click on a space with your mouse button. You will notice a star next to Stand Up High and then click on it. The next step is to click on the GFG button and then back on the star twice. Then click on the GFG button, then back on the star and then on the space that you started the cheat with. Once you have done this the MoonWalking cheat will become activated.

  • Walk on Walls.

This cheat will only work when you are inside your own nest. The first thing you should do is to go to Kips Scrapyard. Once you are in there you will see two balls that are located in the back of the room. Click on these when you are walking towards it and then you will be "tele-ported" straight back to your own nest. If you have done this cheat correctly you should find yourself walking on the walls of your nest.

Under the Staircase (Glitch).

In order to find this glitch you will need to place your Weevil inside the Flem Manor. Take your Weevil to the upper right hand corner of the screen near the banister. You should then click the following buttons in this order: Star, FEG and Star. The ground in front of you will then be transported into a staircase.

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