How To Get Free Membership In Bin Weevil?


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Bin Weevil is an online children's gaming site - there are some parts of it that are free to play and other parts that you unlock by having a membership.

  • Membership
Becoming a member is easy. Once you are a member, you can play all of the games that are solely for the use of Tycoon members. Membership is sold as a card and you have to scratch off the foil on the back and type in the code on the site when your child is logged in. You can buy the membership cards from supermarkets, and because the game site is for children, membership is inexpensive. You can buy these cards for one month or six month periods and you do not have to sign up to a membership contract. Great for kids!

  • Free membership
There is no way that you can easily get free membership. Bin Weevil use competitions and games on their site to give away membership, but this does not happen often and you do not have a great chance of winning. To get your free membership, you will have to play a game and enter your details into a prize draw.

Their Facebook page sometimes has free membership and it also has different ways that you can get membership extended through competitions and entering draws. You will have to do this for your child as you have to be a certain age to enter some competitions.

  • Presents
The best way to give your child membership is for a birthday or Christmas present. This way you are not buying it for them so that they have it all of the time and they will see this as a treat. Having the game site as a treat will keep it special and the membership entitles your child to play games that they would not otherwise be able to as a non member.
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You go on this website I don't know what its called and when you get 7 points you can get free membership on anything!
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You can't get it free, you have to pay or else it would be illegal.
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You can't cause you need to pay

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