What Are Some Ways To Enhance The Look Of A Excel Worksheet?


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One of the main things to keep in mind when constructing a worksheet in Microsoft Excel or another software product is that the most enhanced look is often simple in design. Worksheets look their very best with a uniform font throughout, a uniform text alignment be it left, right, or centered, and the column width set to fit the text that the document contains. But you can also go the extra mile by adding your own touch. The enhancements you make depend on the kind of document you are trying to create. By using common spreadsheet toolbar buttons such as bold and hyperlink, you can instantly add substance to your work and make it a more effective document.

If you are an accountant or accounting student preparing a financial document such as a trial balance or balance sheet, there are several things you can do to make the document stand out. 

• Using Bold - most spreadsheet software has a bold button on the toolbar, and it can be used to highlight important numbers like net profit
• Format numbers - you can add dollar signs and decimal places for calculations and bottom lines
• Tables - tables can easily be built to display information about a survey or any research that was done for the document and are one of the best ways to enhance a spreadsheet
• Hyperlinks - if the document references any web sites you can display them where they can be clicked to take the user directly to the site

Editing someone's work on a spreadsheet follows the same ground rules as constructing one: Highlight important numbers or text, put any numbers in the spreadsheet in the correct format if necessary and use tables to make data and information easier to understand for the reader of the document.
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Some way to enhance excel worksheet I s by  use dashboard software,graphic, data
and color.

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