How To Crack Software?


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You will need a program such as Olly Debug, 4DiskClean, or others that are specifically designed and available online to help you with cracking software.

  • Download the appropriate software
Once the cracking software has been downloaded, you can begin cracking the software you want to access.

  • Drag the software you want to access on top of the cracking software such as Olly Debug.
By dragging it on top you will get a message. The program will start and you can search for the error you saw before. This is actually the need for a genuine registration code. Most software requires a registration code that you have to have, or be able to crack. With a software such as Olly Debug you can make certain that you have a code that will work anytime. Technically, it treats the registration like a bug and will get rid of it.

  • You will need to look at the code in order to crack it.
There may be a short message before the code starts such as JNZ Short 00450C56, though it may not be the exact message. You can reverse the jump to JMP Short 00450C56. By doing this the program will think it has the right code.
You will need to assemble the code and then save what you did. You can try running the program again to see if it worked. It should let you load the software and finish installing with the code you have randomly selected. If all went well it will skip the error and you will have to see if the registration passes.

It should work if you follow the program instructions and make sure to change the error code to one that will pass. If the codes are different for the error message than what is shown here, look for a code that did pass and change the error code to that.
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Software cracking is modification of software to remove protection methods like copy prevention, trial version, serial number, CD check, software annoyances like nag screens etc. Here is a link from where you can find more information on cracking softwares. Hope it helps:cracking
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There is a software to teach you how to crack software?
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Win xp software
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You want to go to jail.  Any way if you r really interested then learn "reverse engineering & assembling language".
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Go to & sign-up there
In Tips 'n' Tricks you cn find to crack software (in cracking category )

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