Why Were Laptops Invented?


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The Laptops or notebook computers were invented because it can bundle a lot of programs into one small computer which is also handy. It gives the facility to fold and carry the computer at your work place. It was invented in 1981 by Adam Osborne.

Scaling computer technology towards a better future with easy access led to its invention. This mobile personal computer weighs one to three kilograms.

Laptops are easy to carry anywhere for performing work and presentations. They consume very little battery and work similarly like a desktop personal computer. They give priority to efficiency of energy and absolute performance.

Laptops also give the freedom to work even when one is traveling or relaxing on the sofa. The monitor of the laptop has been developed with liquid crystal displays which ensure better clarity.
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there! People started to move around even more than ever and it became
important to be able to do things on the go. The laptop is basically a portable
computer and these days, although various models can be seen in stores, the
lighter and slimmer ones sell best! It’s to be carried along and it just cannot
be heavy!

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