Where Is A Good Place To Sell My Used DVDs?


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Two places - Ebay or your local pawn shop will take them. If you have the time put them together and sell them off as a "lot" on Ebay. They could fetch a good price if they are good ones.  You can also place a little add in your local paper depending on how many you have. Good luck!
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A flea market as well..or you can list them on craigslist for sale, it is a free site to post ads, etc.  Hope this helps.  Good-Luck.
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Sometimes, there are exchanges where you can buy or sell used DVD's, CD's, etc.  Check around, there may be a place like that nearby.
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You could sell them on eBay but I like to sell mine at game shop. You could sell them there or get a discount on a game or an another movie. Hope this helps
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I ended up selling mine to this place in Long Island City. It was super fast and easy and I got enough for them to take my hubby out for a fancy dinner. This place is great because it takes about 20 minutes, they look over everything and give you your money. They offered to ship everything for free, but I wanted to be sure I wasnt being scammed so I drove down there myself. The phone number there is 718 729 6400. Give them a call, it was totally worth it.

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