I Need The Code To Unlock My Magnavox DP100MW8B A DVD Player To Play A Foreign DVD?


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  • Finding an unlock code
You can get an unlock code for your DVD player online. There are many websites that have different codes for you to use, after inputting them, you should be able to play DVDs that have different region codes to the one the DVD player was originally set up with.

You should type DVD region codes into your search engine and many sites that link through to code databases will appear.

As there are so many, there's bound to be a few different codes so make sure that when you do choose the code you wish to go with, that the website is reliable or that it has a good rating or comments saying that the codes do work. The last thing that you want is to input a code that does not work and find that your DVD player no longer plays any DVDs, even ones in the region it is set up to play.
  • Why do DVDs have regions?
DVDs have regions for many reasons. There are six DVD regions around the world and three Blu-ray regions. With this block on where you can play DVDs in relation to where they have been purchased helps to stagger release dates as the DVDs cannot be shipped from one country where the DVD is on sale to another where it has not yet been released.

It also helps to monitor different cinema ratings. A film may be one rating in one area and another in a different region. This means that a DVD with a different classification to what it should be in a particular country cannot be played in another country in which it has a higher classification.

Price discrimination is another factor. Some DVD regions sell DVDs for a much lower price than others so this prevents DVDs being imported from cheaper countries therefore keeping the market as it is in the more expensive developed countries.

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