Where Can I Find The Wiring Diagram For A Security Camera?


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While wiring diagrams may vary slightly depending on the make and model of a security camera, a general representation of it can be found at http://www.cctvcamerapros.com/CAT-5-Wiring-Diagram-s/293.htm. This website also gives instructions about how to correctly assemble a CAT-5  RJ45 connectors for regular network cables.

Security cameras are used within the home to try and prevent crime. Homeowners are able to see certain areas outside of their house at all times and should their house be burgled, the footage of the criminals will all be recorded. There is much debate about the increased use of CCTV as facts emerge including the idea that within the United Kingdom there are more cameras per person than there are in any other country in the world. CCTV raises many questions about security and privacy.

There are many uses for security cameras that include; crime prevention and prevalence, hacking and video art, industrial process, traffic monitoring and transport safety. The most common use for security cameras is crime prevention and prevalence. Some studies have suggested that after an introduction of CCTV, some cities have seen reductions of crimes taking place in car parks, on public transport and in public settings. While crimes in public settings only decreased by approximately by seven per cent, crimes on public transport were said to have decreased by 23 per cent and in car parks by as much as 51 per cent. Within the United Kingdom it is no longer necessary to register new CCTV cameras. This means that the total number of security cameras in the country is unknown. It has been suggested that there is one camera for every 32 people in the country and that every day an average person is captured by 70 different cameras. There is little or no evidence to suggest the security cameras actually deter crime and reports have concluded that no more than three per cent of crimes have been solved because of security cameras.
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Thanks to the author for a clear explanation. I would also recommend connecting a CCTV system to a home security system. They work great together. I do not see any reason to do it at home if you are sure about your area's safety. But I have an Ajax security system in the office. We used to have only security cameras before. But they can be quite useless. That's why we also installed a fully-equipped system and asked the brand installers to connect cameras as well. Now all the guys from the security group can control the office through phone applications.

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