How to put security code on router with wifi?


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I think you mean 'How do I activate security on my wireless router?'...
If this is the case, look on the router for the exact make and model number of the device, then go online and look up (google, or other search engine) 'How to secure wifi on [insert make and model name here]'. You should have no problem finding step-by-step instructions on how to secure your router to keep others from using your internet without your permission...
It's necessary to send you on a search, as each manufacturer decides how the interface for their device is setup, and can change the style from model to model, that's why you have to be very specific...what works on one model, may not apply at all to a different one.
Hope that helps and you have a great day!
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I had to do this last week when my old modem died. I could explain it but it will necessarily vary from site to site and you'll need to know your IP address. Telephone your ISP and they'll talk you through it. It's simple once you see what needs to be done.

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