Where Can I Buy Gem-cards For Ourworld?


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You can buy a gem card for Ourworld from a few different places, such as Toys R Us, Kroger, FredMeyer, Ralphs, Food4Less, Safeway, and Vons. You can get them for $10, and you will get a month’s residency and 300 gems with it.

Ourworld was created by Flowplay, Inc and took 13 years from conception to release in 2008. It is a virtual online multi-player game, which is now played all over the world with 25,000,000 teen players from as far apart as Japan and Alaska.

You can play Ourworld in different ways: Either as a tourist where you can chat, play games, and get Gems either through toolbar codes or Coupon Codes; or as a Resident. Residents pay $5.99 a month and for that they have access to exclusive areas and get 150 free Gems every month.

Your Ourworld avatar is able to hang out in a nightclub, or you can watch videos with your friends. There are 3,000 different clothing items for you to dress your avatar in, or you can decorate your virtual condo from the selection of amazing furniture that is available. There are also forums so you can chat to others who are as crazy about Ourworld as you are.

There are sites that you can go to that will give you gem codes and cheats for Ourworld; check this one out: www.ourgemcodes.com This site also has loads of extra information such as the latest news, and lists of all the things that are available for Ourworld. It has guides and challenges for you to complete (if you can), as well as some amazing art work, songs and competitions.

There are loads of different ways to interact with others on this site, from simple chatting, forums and blogs so you can keep up to date with Ourworld all of the time.
And if your not american you can buy a card called "ultimate game card" its got a picture of a dude with a head on fire. Its avalible at 7 eleven toys r us and other store such as best buy. ENJOY!!!

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Actually they do o_o. You can buy it at ToysRUs, Ralphs, Kroger, FredMeyer, Food4Less, Vons, and Safeway stores. Thee is one card that costs $10 and it comes with 1 month residency and 300 gems.

Hope I helped :)

My account is blue star shine.
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Well, I don't think they have like a specific one yet. Like Neo Pets, or Meez. But they do have the Ultimate game card with 10 bucks on it. So you can get 300 gems. Hope I helped a lot. Add me I'm Marlo

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