Where Can I Buy Game-cards For Ourworld?


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You can buy game-cards for ourWorld from online retailers and also in selected stores across the country.

  • What is ourWorld?
The virtual world of ourWorld is a treasure trove of online games and activities including massively multiplayer online games. The site was developed by FlowPlay and is aimed clearly at children aged from nine years-old until their latter teenage years, though older people can and do play on a regular basis.

  • What does the gameplay in ourWorld involve?
The game combines an online virtual world with several different gaming activities. Each player develops their own avatar and their own accommodation which they can furnish by buying them in the game using an in-game currency called 'flow' which is exchanged for experience points and coins.

These can be exchanged for gems which are used to purchase items for the players' avatar and accommodation. As the players gain experience in the game and develop friendship and interaction with other players, the more the game unlocks other abilities and privileges for the player.

  • Why would I consider purchasing an ourWorld game card?
Earning the gems to enable your player to develop quickly can be time consuming and a quick way to expedite the process is by buying game cards. By purchasing a game card a player not only gains membership to the site for a set time, but also receives other items, such as a stated number of gems dependent upon how much they pay for their game card, with which they can buy items for their avatar and virtual home.

Other promotions also run which allow players access to other features not available in the game, such as a free pet for their avatar once they have purchased a game card.

  • Which online and retail outlets offer ourWorld game cards?
Game-cards can be bought from sites such as www.offgamers.com in the form of a digital download and password and they are also increasingly being stocked in retail shops, such as Toys-R-Us, Safeway and Krogers where they can be purchased by people without access to a credit or debit card or who prefer to buy in person from a store.

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