How To Format Java Phones Without Using Security Code?


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There are many different kinds of Java phones out there so there is no particular answer. One particularly popular form of Java phone is the Nokia 5300. When you need to format your Nokia 5300 mobile phone, you must remember that you will lose all of the data on the card. It will be lost permanently - you will not be able to retrieve it.

Some memory cards will actually be pre-formatted by the manufacturer, and other cards will need to be formatted. Hence, before you purchase it's important to check with your retailer to find out whether or not you actually have to format it.

  • To start the process you need to find your way to the 'menu' screen of your Nokia phone. You then need to either choose the 'gallery' or 'applications' options from the menu.
  • You then need to choose the memory card folder that will be found in this list in the menu. Of course you'll then need to choose the option in front of you that says 'format memory card'. Once you've done this you'll need to format the card by simply selecting the 'yes' option on the menu.
  • You will then be prompted to choose a new name for the memory card once it has completed formatting. Then when you've done that you need to make sure that the memory card is locked after formatting. By locking the memory card in your phone, any Java phone in fact, then you will be able to set a password. This will stop anybody who is not authorized to use your card being able to access the content. Make sure you remember the password, as you will be asked for it every time you plug it into a computer and try and access it.

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