What Are Basic Parts Of Ms Access Window?


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Microsoft Access is a specialized program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite that can be installed onto your computer.

When purchasing a computer you may find this program is already installed. However, if needs be you can purchase more advanced editions if the basic version is not enough for your needs.

Microsoft Access is designed to create spread sheets, databases, forms and tables for large amounts of information and designing it to meet your own
personal or business needs.

Although Microsoft Excel is a fantastic tool in the workplace, it can only store an average amount of information, whereas Microsoft Access is designed to store large amounts of information.

Microsoft Access is a multi-user program, so is ideal for small businesses with more than one user. Each user is able to work independently by making
changes without overwriting or interfering in another user's work.

Before you begin to create your database you will need to decide what information you want to capture. Make a list of what you need, for example if you need a sales database then you will require:

• Company name
• Company address
• Contact information (telephone, email, fax)
• Contact name and position
• Type of business
• Annual spend or budget

You can also run reports from the data stored on Access selecting what information is required.

Access is extremely popular to non-programers as it is simple to create your own system without having to know all the correct coding or jargon.

You can get help and support online and there are plenty of books available.

If you do need support, Microsoft do have a support website - simply click on the link below and follow the steps. You have a choice to either email them
or telephone.

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