Where Can I Play Point Blank?


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You can play Point Blank online or you can purchase a video game version. You can access to play the game online individually or with other players. Similarly, you can access any of these websites for additional and latest news about the game.

● Point Blank Twitter page-!/zepetto ● North American "Project Black Out" ● Korean Point Blank site- ● China's Point Blank site- ● Indonesian Point Blank site- ● Philippines Point Blank site-
Developed by South Korean firm Zepetto in 2008, Point Blank is an online game similar to a first person shooter. The game's mechanics is comparable to Counter-Strike. The game is also licensed in Thailand and Indonesia in 2009, Russia, China, Brazil, Turkey and North America in 2010, and Italy in 2011. Point Blank games cater to local tastes with different skins, weapons and options. The game is called Project Blackout in North America.

The players can play as CT- Force Team or Free Rebels. Each player has to complete a specific mission or rid the rival team. The team game starts simultaneously at the opposite side of the map. The characters of the game are: Keen Eyes and Acid Pool for CT-Force and Tarantula and Red Bulls for the Free Rebels. The players can choose from any of these characters. There are also deluxe characters which can be purchased they are: CT Force's Leopard and Hide or Red Rebels' D-Fox and Red Viper. The game has 5 modes namely: Death matches, bomb mission, destroy, eliminate and Al challenge, and 24 maps. Players are rewarded with game points for winning the game and losing a round.

Similarly, there is also a video game named Point Blank, released in 1994. It is a shooting game developed for PlayStation, Nintendo DS and Arcade. It was made to a trilogy with subsequent release in 1997 and 2006. Players use a gun connected to the players and hit targets on the screen. It usually involves missions which need pinpoint accuracy, speed and fast judgment. The game is also known as Gun Bullet in Japan.
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