Is Radio Shack Pro76 Portable Scanner A Good Buy?


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The Radio Shack Pro76 Portable Scanner can be perceived as a good buy because it is easily programmable, and there are manuals available online. If you’re looking for detailed instructions on how to use this piece of equipment, visit Not only will you also be able to unearth a comprehensive list of all of the scanner’s components, but there is also a frequently-asked questions section about the functionality of the handset, in addition to advice on how to use the technology for legal purposes. As you can imagine, this advice is something to take heed of to prevent any unwanted mishaps with the authorities!

Considering that this is an entry-level portable scanner, the Radio Shack Pro76 isn’t a purchase to be snuffed at. With over 200 frequencies to choose from and emergency weather updates, you can ensure that both yourself and your family will remain safe with this equipment by your side.

If you ever encounter issues when using your Pro76 portable scanner, or have any burning questions about how to keep the equipment clean, discussion boards and support pages on the Radio Shack website are the first place for you to look. Here, you’ll be able to refine results concerning the Pro76, and ask tailored questions that established members of their online community will answer. In most cases, the first-hand experiences of fellow Pro76 owners can be more insightful than popping into your local Radio Shack store! Should all of this fail, don’t forget the ‘Troubleshooting’ section that can be found on page 41 of the owner’s manual.


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