When Saving A Document Or Drawing, You Can Determine The Destination Folder In Which The File Will Be Saved By?


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Yes, when saving a document, you can determine where it is saved on your computer. Rather than simply clicking the ‘Save’ symbol which is a floppy disk, click on the ‘Office Button’ which is usually the round one in the top right hand corner of the screen. Below ‘Save’ is the option to ‘Save As’, the symbol for this is a floppy disk with a pencil through it to symbolize you can write the name of the file and determine where it is saved.

If you are using Microsoft Word, you will be given the option of what kind of format you want your Word document saved in. This is not especially important unless you plan to send this document to someone via email. If you will be forwarding it to another computer, it is best to save it as Word 97-2003. This is one of the oldest versions of Word that people still use today and if you use a new version of word, it cannot be opened in an old version because it does not recognize all of the old formatting. If you save it as an old version, it means anyone, even someone with an old computer, can still view it. You could also save it as a ‘Word Template’ which can be used as template for other documents.

Once you have decided which format you would like to use, click on that format and you will be led to your library and you can select where you would like it saving. Choose from your documents, downloads, pictures, movies. You can even save it on your desktop (or home screen) which means it will be quick and easy to find.

You can create a new folder by clicking ‘New Folder’ which you will then have the option to name. You can create folders within any file and even folders within folders. You may have a ‘Homework’ folder for example which has separate folders for each subject within it.
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In Windows XP, which of the following icons is not found in
the Control Panel window?
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Making a selection in the Save in :box
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Using save as...... Instead of just save

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