Is A Cell Phone Luxury Or Necessity?


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I think a cell phone is a luxury, because it has so many "tools" and gadgets on it. People today don't just buy phones to call someone on it, they have to use all these other tools on it too. Back when it came out in public about 22 years ago, it was just numbers...basic!
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It depends on what your position in society is. For example, if you have a a buisness filled life where you have to communicate with many people quickly it is a neccessity. For most people in this modern world a cell phone is a neccessity.-Trey
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Cell Phone was invented based on the need to have a mobile telephone that one could carry along wherever possible. Due to high costs associated with purchasing and keeping a mobile, it was a luxury in the beginning. As only people who could afford to keep a mobile used to buy it. But with the passage of time, it has become a necessity. As more and more people can make use of it due to its low price and accessibility.
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For me it is a necessity not a luxury, you can reach people through it from anywhere in the world.
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Just 20 years ago, we could not even imagine that with such a small device as a mobile phone, you can do so much. For example, I sit with my phone Parimatch Cyprus and raise money on sports betting. Now all these things have become so commonplace, but still there is admiration for the fact that humanity is developing so rapidly.

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For me it is a necessity too,I can keep in touch with my family,my friends and my classmates ...
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I think a cell phone is luxury...
Nowadays we can just a person status by looking at his cellphone,if his cellphone get all functions,its means his life consists of a variety colour..
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For me it is wisely necessity because it is more important to communicate in others. Others say it is only luxury because it is only a thing that has no valuable.

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