What Are The Capabilities Of Computer?


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1. It is extremely fast,accurate and reliable it has speed reaching up to 100 million operations per second.

2. It can handle large volumes of repetitive tasks and accuracy make the computer very ideal for this kind of tasks.

3. It can store large amounts of information and can recall instantly.
A computer keep on store large amounts of data and information in its memory.

4.It can communicate with its operators and with other machines. It is capable of interactive processing in which the user is put in direct communications with machine.
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1.) Ability to Perform certain logic unit.
2.) Ability to Provide new time dimension.
3.) Ability to Store and Retrieve Info.
4.) Ability to Control Errors.
5.) Ability to Check Itself.
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Computer is not an intelligent machine. It works on our instructions. Whatever instruction we would give him by softwares, he can act on it instantly. The best thing about computer is its efficiency, fast processing and accurate results according to instructions.

The most famous thing in computer world is internet which has made this world a global village. Now if you have computer then you can connect to a person anywhere who also has the computer. You can share information and resources in the real time.
Computer is now used as robots in many places replacing man power with machines. Robots work fast and effectively
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A computer can store large amount of data and can show that data easily at click of button,
A computer can execute variety of programs/softwares/Operating systems like Microsoft Office, Windows written in different computer languages to help us in our everyday tasks,
A computer can help in connecting to Internet.
Computer's biggest limitation is their dependency on Humans. A computer can only accept instructions from users and cannot do anything from their own side.
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Some people compare computer capability with human capabilities but this is not true because computer even though can perform very complex calculations; work on the functions fed into them by humans. It however has expanded the capability solve long problems that require use of algorithms that will take humans a lot of time to calculate. It also performs logic functions, input-output instructions and branch operation extremely quickly. It matches the instructions to a predefined set of standards and then proceeds to the next step if the first one is satisfied. Its speed saves a large amount of time for us. Then it has the ability to store a huge store of information in its memory and this information can be retrieved quickly as well. It has a remarkable ability to control errors as when they enter any data into the system they check it for errors, of it is error free then it is stored and processed.
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Capabilities are,

1. Can solve complex calculations quickly which takes a long time to solve manually

2. Capable of handling and processing large calculations at a single time

3. All Electronic Items have some form of Computing functions.

Limitations are,

1. Cannot replace a Human Brain

2. Works only on Stored Procedures and cannot think on its own.

3. Not all complex calculations can be solved through computers

4. Cannot depend on computers all the time
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A computer is an electronic machine that automatically processes data and provides the results for that processing. It has made our lives much easier because of its efficiency, extremely fast speed of operation, reliability, capability to store huge amounts of data and also because of its ability to communicate with other computers, referred to as the Internet.
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1.speed because they can process data faster

2.repetitiveness because they can perform same operation tirelessly

3. Accuracy because they have specific results

4. Can perform logical operations

5. They can store and recall info because it has data storage capability

6. Self checking for they can verifies the accuracy of its own

7. Self operating because its capable of executing instructions
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-logic operation
-store and recall operation
-self checking
-self operation
-Word Processing

-Spell and Grammar Check

-Desktop publishing

-Graphics Programs

-Electronic Spreadsheets

-Database/file mgt system

-Online library Catalog

-Online magazine/newspaper index

-Electronic information resources (encyclopedias, atlases, other databases)


-Use of Information

-Presentation, multimedia software
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A computer is capable of doing nothing by itself. Without an operating system (By the way, a MAC is not a computer ^^), it runs on basic DOS. If you clear every single bit of memory from the hard drive, it runs on nothing. It is nothing. A computer is every one of our minds put into data, which is then translated to another type of data to another to another, and finally to a type of data we can recognize as colors, shapes, words. From here, the possibilities are endless. I'm sure you've seen star wars, we are beginning to come into an era where science fiction becomes fact. Don't count on a computer trying to take over the world or eliminate the human race, though. A computer is nothing without it's user, just as a human is nothing without it's brain - we have a lot of information stored in our bodies, but there has to be something telling that information what to do.
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A computer is capable of many things. It's fast, efficient and accurate. You can add as much functionality in a computer as good you write a program for it. There are many application softwares which are making things easy for us. Internet has made this world a global village. Some of the capabilities of a computer is as follows;

Word Processing

Spell and Grammar Check

Desktop publishing

Graphics Programs

Electronic Spreadsheets

Database/file mgt system

Online library Catalog

Online magazine/newspaper index

Electronic information resources (encyclopedias, atlases, other databases)


Use of Information

Presentation, multimedia software
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A personal computer can be found in offices, homes, schools, colleges and universities. All field of life are using them in different ways because of the various capabilities of personal computers. From word processing and spreadsheets in office to games in homes, it can come up with a number of applications. All types of software in the world can be uploaded in it and if it is connected with LAN then it provides access to World Wide Web which does not require any introduction. Moreover, personal computers are also capable of being operated through various windows operating systems.
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Given the appropriate knowledge and resource it is pretty much unlimited. A computer with a knowledgeable and resourceful person with the software and equipment needed can create just about anything.
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Computer is an electronic device with versatile capability.
Form mathematics to Enjoyment it can be used. It can accept or our command or programmed and can give accurate result at any time with no tiredness with less Time.
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-a   computer can solve complex calculations quickly which takes a long time to solve manually.a computer is capable of handling  and processing  large calculations at a single time.  

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