What Are The Types Of Central Processing Unit?


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There are quite few different central processing units (CPU), also known as a microprocessor, such as Pentium, K6, PowerPC and Sparc, but there is not a lot to choose between any of them as they all tend to do the same thing. If you want to change the CPU on your computer you will need to check the motherboard so that you know which one to get; each motherboard will only support a particular range of CPU types.

Different CPUs will fit onto the motherboard in different ways: They don't all have pins on the bottom, but the ones that do need to be handled carefully because the pins bend easily. More modern CPUs have a lot of short metallic connectors underneath them instead of pins and are a little more robust.

Connecting a CPU is not difficult; it attaches straight in to a CPU socket or a slot, pin side down, and a lever helps to fix it into place. You will also need to attach a heat sink and a small fan on the top of the CPU because even if the computer has been running for just a little while it gets very hot. These should come included in the CPU package when you buy it. Other, more sophisticated, cooling systems that are on the market include water cooling kits and phase change units.

The most popular brands of central processing units are Intel and AMD.

Every single computer, regardless of whether it is a desktop, a laptop or a server needs a microprocessor or CPU in order to work. In fact, a CPU is also known as 'the brains of the computer', and is responsible for translating and carrying out the majority of the commands from the computer's software and hardware.

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